Thinking Gifts Trade Catalogue 2020

This year we have decided to blow our own trumpet! After 22 years of leading the market in accessories for reading, it’s time for us to shout about our achievements – none of which of course would be worth anything without you, dear customer! • We were the first in the market to provide a range of accessories for reading, including bookholders, bookmarks and reading lights. • We were the first to gain prestigious awards for our world class designed products. • We designed the world’s thinnest and most popular booklight (our Flexilight pages 8-9). • We designed the world’s thinnest and most portable tablet stand (our new Flexistand Pro pages 18-19)). • Our new (already Gift of the Year finalist) erasable Pen Bookmark (pages 42-43) is only one of its kind in the world. • We very rarely get complaints or returns for our products, because our QC and factories are simply fantastic. We could go on…….but why not look and see what we have in store for you in 2020? From big to small, from Alaska to Zanzibar, we will provide you – and your customers – with reasons to smile! Welcome Reading Accessories 60 Pop Notes 61 Nesting Dolls 62 Sushi Notes 63 Mason Jar Notes 64 Yummy Notes 65 Mood Notes 66 Cheesy Notes 68 Mix ‘n Match floor display 69 Has It All spinner Gift Stationery Stcky Notes Floor merchandisers 12-13 Plusheez 14-15 Flexistand 16 Flexistand Pals new new new new new new new 18-19 Flexistand Pro 20-21 Lapwedge 22 Hot Lips Holder 23 Diner Couch 24 Sloth Bookcouch 25 Bookcouch 26 Bookmonster 27 Cuddly Reader 28-29 Bookmonster Deluxe 30 Book Buddha 31 Bookmonster Air 32 Booktopus 33 The Hold it 34-35 Architectural series bookholder 36 Throne Bookchair 37 Deckchair Bookchair 38 Egg Bookchair 39 Directors Bookchair Tablet/Book Holders new new new 5 Flexilight Xtra 6-7 SureFlex Rc 8-9 Flexilight 10 Flexilight Pals Booklights Phone/ eReader Accessories 52 Notester 53 Puppy Notes 54 Deskplant 55 Bloom notes 56 Numskull notes 57 Mr. Skull Notes 58 Cloud Notes Desk Accessories 41 Stikkimarks improved 42-43 Pen Bookmark 44-45 Linemarkers 46 Fruitmarks 47 Fish Tales 48 Cliffhangers 49 Bookmarks from Outer Space 50 Woodland Bookmarks Bookmarks Pen Bookmark (pages 42-43)