Thinking Gifts Trade Catalogue 2021

2 3 CONTENTS Floor Merchandising Displays Booklights new 06 Flexilight Pals Bookworm 08 Flexilight Pals Animals new designs 10 Flexilight Classic new 12 Sureflex80 new 14 Sureflex80 Rechargeable new d esigns 16 Flexilight Xtra Bookmarks & more new 50 Pen Bookmark new designs 52 Line Markers 54 Fish Tales 56 Bookmarks from Outer Space 60 Fruitmarks 62 Cliffhanger 64 Stikki Marks Table Accessories new 66 Toaster Coaster 68 Notester 70 Puppy Notes 72 Deskplant 74 NumSkull 76 Cloud Sticky Notes 79 Nesting Doll 80 Sushi 81 Mason Jar 82 Yummy 84 Mix ‘n Match floor display 85 Has It All spinner Tech Accessories new 20 Lapwedge new 22 Flexistand Pro new 24 Kord Keeper new designs 26 Flexistand 28 Flexistand Pals new designs 30 Plusheez Book & Tablet Holders new designs 34 Cuddly Readers 36 Bookmonster new 38 Jungle Bookholder 40 Bookmonster Air new designs 42 BookCouch 44 Novelty Bookcouches 46 BookChair Booklights Book & Tablet Holders Table Accessories Floor Merchandising Displays Tech Accessories Bookmarks & more Sticky Notes Dear Buyer There’s no question that most of us need something to cheer us up. We hope with our “reasons to smile” slogan, that we can do that for you, not just because of our designs, but in the knowledge that you have products that will be useful to the end consumer no matter what difficulties society faces. People are reading books or using devices more than at any time previously. This includes children who benefit from accessories, encouraging them to read and write. With this in mind, we hope you like our many brand new products as well as the new designs for our best-selling products. We were delighted and honoured to have our new Bookworm booklight (see pages 6-7) chosen as Gift of the Year 2021, by the Giftware Association (and have five other products short-listed), perhaps in recognition of the relevance of our products to the times we are living in. We continue to service efficiently all our trade customers, no matter where you are. Whether in Europe, where we provide a seamless transition and absorb additional duties as a consequence of Brexit, or in the USA, where our 3PL ships speedily no matter which state you are in, or the rest of the world. Thank you for your custom, and we wish you a safe and successful 2021! Yours Gary Lancet Founder and Managing Director