ANCA Industrial Supplies - Product Guide

2 ANCA The partnership package ABRASIVES SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE SINGLE SIDED TAPES PACKAGING ADHESIVES DOUBLE COATED TAPES ‘ANCABILITY’ sums up both the growth in turnover and the management expertise of ANCA Industrial Supplies Ltd. Our aim is quite simply to provide you, our customer with total peace of mind. How... • We offer a broad product range backed by major suppliers. • We have technical experts in adhesive tapes, adhesives, packaging solutions and abrasives. • We give an excellent service from a wide range of stock. • We provide you with a one stop shop for all your Industrial Consumables. • We supply many people in your industry with quality products at competitive prices. We can give you lower administration costs by... • Reducing your supplier base. • Consolidating your invoices. • Your unique part numbers incorporated into all paperwork. • Offering consignment stock or merchandising where appropriate. • Ease of ordering by email, fax or phone. • Easy payment options. Our easy to use catalogue is in the following sections with general information, product shots, guides and specification details. Talk to our experts Sales Team and discover how easy it is to save money on your procurement costs. Double Sided Tape 5-14 Adhesives 15-24 Packaging 25-38 Single Sided Tapes 39-48 Abrasives 49-54 Safety and Maintenance 55-66 Ordering made easy To source and order from ANCA all you have to do is either phone, fax or email. Plus you can view our products on our website... Let us show you how working together, can lower your costs. PHONE 0121 503 0919 FAX 0121 585 5483 E-MAIL WEBSITE 8 6500 08 6508